High Inside​(​single)

by Myles Bullen



Written and performed by Myles Bullen and Laughing Animal

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Chapped lips gets more chapped as you lick them
Chapters flip faster as you live them
Past life seemed like there was more to live for

The lesson is to live more, die everyday try to get more
I wish I was a kid more, feeling so rich, even when I’m piss poor
Seen stepdad have a seizure then he hit floor
I don’t see you as a winner or loser cause i don’t keep score
I should probably stress less, breathe more
Take the opportunity to travel maybe see more

You may disagree, decide to distance me, physically
I’ll be visiting misery minimally, but
I work in a teen prison and it’s killing me
Teenagers being charged criminally

American slogan, claim that we’re free
Claim that we’re free
As long as some of us are locked up
None of us can be
As long as the smog floats
None of us can breathe
As long as we’re living here
None of us can leave

And this happens to all of us,

That’s why most us swallow drugs
Happens to all of us,
We don’t trust the leaders but we’re followers
Happens to all of us

All of this stimulus
A generation Integrating benefits
With inexperience
Incubating insides
Wide eyed chemisist
Alchemy experiment
Tell me where my fear has been
Coming from the top of the pyramid

Need a Surrogate for a new life
Watch me disappear again

Exploring intricate
This is my land
I own the premises
I fight for this life
I will be defending it
Pretending and ascending it
Connecting and correcting it
Displaying my affection
And caressing it
This world gave me consent
I will be undressing it
Touching it, blessing it

Pray at feet of this earth
Roots run deep in this dirt
Music is my medicine
This show is my church

My god is my odds
My odds are my worth
My flaws forget me not
You practice bitching alots
I rap with words

I consider consequences
And deliver common sense
In a compliment that’s condescending

I wrong in the right way, contradicting
My thoughts conflicting
My hide away, I’m alive awake
So full of luck, grateful as fuck
Cause you never what I might die today

Some use crack pipes, shot dope, sniff pills, drink liquer
Anything to kill you quicker
That’s fine

I try to cultivate self love
and find the high in-side

It happens to all of us
that's why to ease the pain some of us swallow drugs
who is to blame - who can explain why it's hard to trust?
must be my brain lost and afraid of when I'll turn to dust
there is no shame breaking these chains that hold us down
patterns that keep us trapped will become unbound
it might feel strange but it will be just fine
everything changes when you go inside

Happens when you least expect it.

Myles, you’re scaring yourself
Comparing yourself, not caring about your living
Worried about your minutes and your health is slipping
And your crowd is crickets,
Talk to yourself talk talk to yourself,
Do you even listen when you talk to yourself?
Do you even think about the cost of your health?
Do you ever vision getting out of your shell?

Talk yourself, talk talk to yourself

Mountain of knowledge the mind will climb
Seek your peak and outside you’ll find
It’s never as great as the high inside

I'll wake to make life great
together we can get better forever and always go inside
I'll shake off all that's fake
together we can get better forever and always go inside


released September 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Myles Bullen Portland, Maine

Spoken Word Performer. Teaching Artist. Play Expert.
Myles Bullen is a radical poetic rapper who touches on self empowerment, social issues, uplifting oppression, and creating community. He performs in Schools, Living Rooms, Juvenile Prisons, Rehabilitation Centers and Conscious Music Festivals. ... more

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