Wake Up Century

by Myles Bullen

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In 2017 we said, Death to the old way, separation sectioning, Leaving behind this social structure skeleton, Leaving congress as a carcass, dead and left aside, Fuck you and your freedom, you take away basic rights, I don’t trust you, I don’t need you, I lead my people to fight, All this negative remanence, It’s getting harder to find forgiveness and witness the benefits We are working on the impossible, Uplifting oppression the president presents, We are people, we have power, we will get through all of this mess, We are people, we have power, we will get through all of this mess, All of this mess, existed before we existed, Generation of conformist, Conforming to killing mystics, Burning the healing witches, Creating laws against the poor, Minorities fill up prisons, This shit is ridiculous, What the fuck is it for? Living in a desperation destiny definitely, But on the up and up,When our world is in a whirlwind and the future is a mystery, We rise together, women’s march, biggest protest in US history, We legalized cannabis, LGBTQ is family, love opened up, relationships are polyamory becoming ethical Re-aligning our values making our life exceptional, Tell your people we govern our own lives, Tell your people we’re setting our own standards, Paving our own path, choosing to evolve Consciousness over cash, Kindness over greed, Community over segregation, meditate our dreams, Affirmation abundance confirming all of our needs, questioning what we read, The proof is the pudding but nobody wants to eat, We’re having new conversations. new generation with new contemplations that you can relate with, being actively passionate pursuing these changes, We tear down these walls so you can’t contain us! We tear down these walls so you can’t contain us! What are you standing up for? What are you, what are you, standing up for? The movements inside of the music I get it, I get up and go! Go! Go! Go! A new generation, pursuing these changes, unplugging your mind control
Winter’s coming way too fast, Icy window frozen glass, Summer dream has come and gone,Just a memory now forgotten, Don’t get caught up in the past, I can’t seem to remain present, like I need to plan out my future and then use it as a leverage, We were young and full of love, now we’re jaded, feeling faded, awaiting someone to come & comfort us, we sit ourselves inside of isolation, Lost inside this great machine, every thought I’ve ever thought is playing on repeat, This invisible inception, connecting us through a screen, Caught up in my own collapse, Kill the elitist ego, sledge hammer to my pride, Looking for the truth that I see in her, I hope she sees that I tried, Check your mailbox nothings there, check my email, voicemail, no text, feeling unfulfilled with this subtle disconnect, Time is nothing to you now, Every second that passes is bending, creating space between the moments Extending the essence of pretending Shapeless like a shadow mask uncovered the craft, see through the characters act Suffering on stage is the pain and the main attraction Sunken ship and broken mast went out to sea, like a buoy that forgot how to float Was drowning in self doubt swimming towards a new hope Ice is melting moving fast springing to my feet, flowers budding ready to bloom This pretty city covered with colors, I’m glad I left my room In the forest find the key unlocking creativity, harboring in my heart cave, let it see the light of day, illuminate the dark waste, Caught amidst the cycle stream, Filled me with fear of feeling open, feeling unheard and outspoken, A nervous disorder that keeps on lurking around, Wash your eyes out feel your pain, Breaking down in tears, screaming filling me with fear, Feeling a need for clearing, try to ask to help endearingly, Facing the feeling of impending doom, staring at the ceiling in an unappealing room, Zooming in and out of reality, I start questioning my sanity, Lose control, I don’t I think that I can handle me, Who’s to know? Who or what I’ve been channeling, This whole world is family, unconditional love is a fantasy, Can it be, everyone I know has a mental illness and still it’s inside me, It’s named anxiety, but I won’t let depression defeat me, I’m excessively uneasy, typically compulsive, addictively indulgent to self deprecate, I’m a slave to my behavior only I can set me straight, intrusive thoughts like to linger rot in my brain, wish that I could photoshop, cut, crop out those things, Distractibility killing me, filling me with all of this negative energy, Forget that, Imma start rewriting all of my memories, In this rap, Imma start practicing loving my enemies, Building new skills and keep on developing,The strength of an elephant, musical medicine, I’m in love benevolent beautiful feminine, Imma start being a friend of mine rewire my mind, redefine self love nurture divine, Unlearning self inflicted pain and conditioning will take some time
Confession 03:52
Move the anxious right out of me, mastering my anatomy, strong bones, blood flow, move your muscles, massage the fascia, squeeze the struggle right out of me, balancing manic artistry, consuming all of me, never domestic I’m collar free caught up in coloring, black and white society, racial conflict, hatred makes us all sick, I’m calling quits, I can’t stand politics, I’ve been working on the finish you can see I polish it, I dig it deep, you falling in, you wait to fall asleep to dream, my dream is just to live, I’ve been vividly visioning, altering my reality, physically fishing for a future fulfillment, It swallowed me, thinking economy’s more important than spending time with my father, not staying hydrated, or drinking enough water, caught up in making money instead of thinking about my health or building any skills that lead to feeling happy, so I’m dirty, I’m angry, I’m ugly, and nasty, casting a shadow of selfishness around my salary, judging my talents, not knowing my limits, not giving a fuck about anybodies opinion If everybody is thinking, then who will be there to listen? More about what I’m doing Instead of what others are calling me, this is just the surface of celebrating psychology, speaking you can not silence me, this world may kill me, It's cruel indeed and when I die I will bleed the color of the last sunset that I seen, I see you feeling weak, maybe cause you’re overworking 8 days a week, never sober you don’t hold inner peace, you used to meditate, now you eat junk food and watch Netflix all day, you need a new mantra and you need to pray, put reality back into context, complex, conscious, confidence, content, teach poetry to convicts honest, keep it real, find the spot that you fit in then get it locked in, live life as an artist, I’m a woodblock carving, a crow pose on the carpet, dope flows and the bass got hard hits, listen to your inner intuition it’s inching itself out to speak, to live with gratitude, it’s up to me, can I sit in silence uncomfortably? Comfort me. Keep nothing, give it all away, but make sure you get paid and make sure you’re amazing If you want to live your dream then you better keep chasing, forget about self doubt now you erase it, put positive encouragement there to replace it, love how your living or change it, run from your demon or face him, insecurity debilitating everybody’s energy, people always looking for an enemy, musician on the street singing out a melody, black teenager gets slapped with felony, so many feet on the street this city is a centipede, this is the Wake Up Century, questioning authority, channeling destiny, opening up & now we’re remembering
You have to lose to learn to love, when everything crashes down, Pick yourself off the ground and turn it around now, You have to give your love away, give your heart space to learn, Give some yourself time to grow and anything’s possible, My generation is special performing spectacles, Writing these songs, righting my wrong correctional, Invested time, every minute is measurable, Pleasant and kind, love is incredible, Your hate speech is unneeded, unwanted, and unacceptable, We leveled up, Invest in growing vegetables, confession, We are a collective of the source that everyone’s connected to, a new generation that’s breaking through, You have to lose to learn to love, when everything crashes down, Pick yourself off the ground and turn it around now, This is the Wake Up Century, you have to give your love, to give your love, This is the Wake Up Century, you have to give your love, to give your love away and now we’re remembering, now we’re remembering, Wake up century, questioning authority, Channeling our destiny, opening up, now we’re remembering, opening up, now we’re remembering, Strong move along, uprooting our feet, Confronting our ego, hear our spirit when we speak, Messages for the strong, won’t resonate if you’re weak, We’ve been given limitations, we're stretching out of our reach, Depression will not defeat, this movement inside of me, Lessons of the struggle of being a human being, Suffering drug addiction and watching homeys o.d., Suicide is a commitment most of us won’t keep, We’re some artist with insomnia, working we don’t sleep, Educating ourselves to listen before we speak, The truth is, love is, something, they don’t teach, So it’s up to us to learn, continue, spreading our piece, You have to lose to learn to love, when everything crashes down, Pick yourself off the ground and turn it around now, You have to give your love away, give your heart space to learn, Give yourself time to grow and anything’s possible, anything’s possible, anything’s possible, anything’s possible, This is the Wake Up Century, We need to break down just to wake us up, And as we wake up can we learn to love? When everything crashes down, Pick yourself off the ground,, turn it around now
Auto correct my misspelling, Out of respect I’ll keep telling you, that I appreciate the things that you do, Communications, community spaces, Fluidity within all of our conversations, Exchanging words with strangers, exchanging time with favors, Making everybody in this city our neighbors, Take the time to make Relations, Reality realizing what you relate with, A sensation set to sail the seas on a relationship, That ocean is unknown and I’m scared to fall in, Somehow we have blind trust, let our defense down, Build up our faith, trust is something that I won’t take for granted, I’m going to continue moving forward on this planet, Holding your hands, whether you family or fans or both, a chance to coast, Travel the world, I’m here and I’m a ghost, I appear in your mirror, uproot & float, We had, We had to make do with what we had to get through, I’m glad, I’m glad we stuck together through the struggle we got through, (Essence) Remember when you thought it was all bad, Cause the people that you called didn’t call back, And the bills had to pile, but you still had to smile, And you moved upstream from a drawback? Its funny when the worst is upon us, It feels like we won't live again, When the money doesn't burst from your wallet, And you can't get your medicine, You've had days like that, you've had days like that, Had days turn to months when it stays like that, But this one day the sun rays came back, And it changed your soul, into an ancient poem, Made you take control run away from the past, Run away from the past- run away from the past, But, can’t forget what made you, can’t forget where you started from, We all need a devil and angel, so we may choose have the heart of one, Have the heart of one- have the heart of one, When the autumns done, you gotta call someone, And let em know where to go near the fallen sun, Put your brain and you heart and resolve in one, Youll be fine til the time, til it’s all but done, That’s the truth I hope, there's truth in hope, Truth and hope, uproot and float. We had, We had to make do with what we had to get through, I’m glad, I’m glad we stuck together through the struggle we got through, Wow, is this real, am I really here? Feeling warm through this cold world I persevered, this place is filled with faces I love endear, My closest peers are near, my voice is traveling while I’m still sitting here, blessings appeared, happy to be, happening laughing at all the thoughts I feared, I felt lost in tears, working 60 a week feeling weak, now I make more as an artist, that’s weird, Sort of unique, don’t do anything for free, there’s intention behind every sentence sentimentally, Grateful for every gift this world has ever gifted to me, truth was harder to see when I wasn’t looking simply, my karma's coming full circle, spirit moving cyclically, My past is broken sea glass that made it to shore, What once would cut me, now is soft and transformed, Love is galore, what governs my free spirit is this campaign I tour, I remember those art nights, we would paint on the floor, Making music in the bathroom, the acoustics were dope, Making food for the potluck, Eric baking the loaf, We got soup for days, so we’re making a toast, Underneath my feet, I step On a cloud, looking down At who I was, The old me is gone, What’s left is my ghost, Spirit gets grounded,Then uproot & float
Always reassess, Always see you new, A brand new perspective, a beautiful aesthetic, A drop dead gorgeous view, you’re drop dead gorgeous, Living in a brainstorm, praying for clarity, Living in the morning, your sunrise is therapy, Living in a micro moment, small time is infinite, Living in a sober focus, drunk off experience, Living in a quiet space, gentle sound, slow and soft, Living in a wired cage these wings are spread, but can’t lift off, Living in a foreign place, the smell of new, taste of salt, Get involved, mind the mystery, Living in relation to myself and all the gifts received, You’re a gift to me, you’re a gift to me, what you give to me, is a gift to me, you’re a gift to me, What you give to me is a gift to me, living in an ecosystem designed to nurture growth, living in an opposition learning to acknowledge both, you’re drop dead gorgeous, Drop dead gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous, You’re drop dead, drop dead
I hope you see the beauty in your eyes, I hope you dream big as mountains and climb, I hope you know you’re spiritual divine, I hope you win, I hope you win, I know you will in time- Love is unproportionate, Gratitude, damn fortunate, Jealousy, I won’t let in, Not mad at you, I hope you win, don’t need money to be glowing rich, you’ll get your scratch when you know your itch, you’ll get that cash when you know you niche, Go & get anything you could imagine you would ever need, Get on top of the world, put eyes parts of the world, That you’ve never seen, You’re blessed I hope you succeed, Get through what you’re going through, Take a moment to just sit and breathe, You’re better than what you’d like to believe, I’m telling you that you’re intelligent, Born to spread your benevolence, There’s a well of wealth inside you, So find out where you’re fortunate, That’s where your fortune is, I hope you win, won’t waste my time on hating you, I got way too many things that are great to do, Work hard as I can, get shit done, love what I do, my job is love, Love is wisdom, I’m drumming rhythm, Heartbeat keeping me in time, in time, in line, in line, Beatbox poetry art rapper designed to fly, live out this life, Street Art revolution D.I.Y. till I die, you came just in time, just in time to say goodbye (Spose) I hope you don’t die, I hope that you win, and turn going out of business to a grand opening, I hope you make a “hell yeah” for every time you’re told no, I hope find a hundred dollars the pocket of your old coat, hope you hope you figure out what’s been holding you back, hope you reshape that box that got boxed you in the past, I hope that if you're lost in smoke and broke hoping focus back in sight, I hope you get the benefits with minimum of sacrifice, I hope you got the hunger, hope you got the appetite, I hope your dead favorite relatives they all come back to life, I hope you don't get one victory but maybe like 3 or 4, and you get in the door, I hope you sell out arena tours, I hope you meet Beyonce’, I hope you meet Myles, I met him one time he wore a shirt that said “SMYL3” , years later saw him after hadn't seen in awhile, some fellas can be jealous but that’s not his style, what he said, he said- I’m telling you that you’re intelligent, Born to spread your benevolence, There’s a well of wealth inside you, So find out where you’re fortunate, That’s where your fortune is, I hope you win
I went from Isolation, depression and opioid addiction, To being open to listen, to visiting teen prisons, I’ve seen crushed dreams risen, Seen sad sore eyes open with a clean vision, bringing, meditation into rehabilitation centers, Damn it feels good helping others feel better, Damn it feels good when the family gets together, celebrate all the days, not just the holidays, Fear of failure got us all afraid, do the work, then deserve the pay, Success takes courage, risk, and a fist full of favors, Grateful for the gift I’ve been given, lot of love to my neighbors, Portland, homebase plate I’m no stranger, So often I’m all in, All is flawless is god is, Every person, place, and process, Then odds are that we break even, Even if the jobs hard we can make it easy, We don’t need a reason to keep believing, We find a reason to be needed, We break cycles so often that we start repeating the breaks, Constantly bleeding for change, Accepting the wide range of buried dreams, That could use a hand digging up, thank you for showing up, Lending a hand, it means a lot, thank you fam for not giving up, I’m glad that you understand, the sun won’t wait to rise and neither will I, (Shane Reis) I don’t know a lot of what’s happening, cause I don’t pay attention, but you could know I’ll hold the door, if you’re a couple bucks short then I got it, don’t mention it, I know that I am spread thin, my schedule could probably make your fucking head spin, bunch of texts wondering where you have been, I got my hands full like I’m carrying the bags in, I try not to speak in past tense, I know a lot people wore the mask in, but I know I’m blessed so I decide to let go, I talk to myself like an echo, I appreciate, cause I always know today could have been the date, so I find peace in an easy way, knowing that my family is great, they never seen a mill, but they gonna leave it all for me to make, I always swing back around to check like a meter maid, I should have known I’d never be the same, I’m not perfect but I never claimed to be, I’m comfortable saying that cause you’re the same as me, you just want to gain like me, be happy, live life without pain like me, life’s not easy, nobody said it was though, the alternative is not waking up so I’ve been waking up early, the sun won’t wait to rise
Before attempting to express a feeling or idea, Meditate on where I am, what I’m saying, and why care? If speaking is only heard through silent minds, Then how will I gain the courage to silence mine? Metaphors older than Dinosaurs remind me to be in the Now, A fictitious foundation of forgetfulness weighs me down, Analysis Paralysis, stop thinking for a second, start feeling, Avoiding distractions while attracting heart healing, Breathing into a belly full of new worlds, Fired up core burning soul from the source, Everything living is giving shape, space and its form, Decaying naturally, the dead become what was born, Much of a sad life is spent Thinking of where to go, but never moving, Dreaming about achievement, but never waking, Seeking honest love outside, but never finding compassion within, A sad life is worth the experience, but not worth a whole lifetime, Let my tears flood this city, Let that part of me die, Possessions possess you, Reflections respect you, Depression upsets you, While Intention connects you, Universally we need to undress our stress, Let our spirits get nude and maybe love will get through


a long list of GRATEFUL for:
Devon, Aria, Ben,Topher, Rich, Sarah, Shane, Ryan, Adrian, Quincy, Ellis, Anna for their brilliant work on this album! The birth family & extended family: All the Moms in my life, all the welcoming couches, floors, beds & rides that were available to me while traveling. All the schools of learning, yoga studios, house shows, conscious festivals, rallies, marches. People & organizations I love and find inspiring: Bentley, Alexa, Patrick, Abbeth, Bumbling Woohas, Hidden Ladder Collective, Laughing Animal, Peach Hat, Eric, Audrey, Magda, Thomas, Kara, Zak, Local Sprouts, Hilltop Coffeeshop, Stay On Mars, Monday of the Minds, Rap Night Portland, Ill By Instinct, Seth On Gray Street, PT Burnem, Ceschi, Adfero, Maine Inside Out, The Telling Room, Kelly Benson, Sea Change Yoga, A Space For Grace, P.Dank, Fake Four Inc, Flex Your Face, Colton Ort, Tim, Visitor 10, Infidelix, Abriel, Artur, Ashley Brian, John Slobod, Skylark Sisters, Titi, Hannah Harleen, WMPG, Brzowski, Viva, Elena Brower, Jennie & Mea from Arcana, Aj & Allie, Jackie, Sam Jacobsen, Barbatt, Mark Curdo, Kendall, Kevin, Phil, Pip, Tammy, Valley Rising, Zoo Cain, Orson, Donica, Jen Basinet, Endion, Eugene Friesen, Kristoff Krane, Tall Horse, Gina, SLAM Richmond, James Grant, Barry Miller, Samyol Soulfyre, Aj at Brewers, Sierra, and everyone involved with the thriving arts community worldwide, I am so lucky to have had you alter, inspire, and shape my life in some way.


released June 23, 2017


Myles Bullen- Vocals on all tracks
Earth Person- Vocals on tracks 2,4,5
Aria Zarnoski- Vocals on tracks 5,6,7
Ben Toppi- Beat boxing on tracks 3
Rich Entel- keys, production on tracks 6
Topher Stevenson- vocals on track 3
Sarah Violette - Vocals on track 5
Shane Reis- vocals on track 8
Spose- vocals on track 7
Adrian Gravel- Vocals, Violin on track 8
Quincy Slobod- vocals on track 9

Album Art- Anna Welch & Myles Bullen


all rights reserved



Myles Bullen Portland, Maine

Portland, ME.
Soft Rap / Art Poet Native American/ Person in Recovery

"Hi, my name is Myles and I'm terrified of feelings"

want to say hi?
message me on instagram! @beatboxpoet


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