Beatbox Poet

by Myles Bullen

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Beatbox Poet- Myles Bullen

Produced by Laughing Animal

This piece of time was hand crafted in the unexpected wilderness, A vast deep exploration captured in the Jungle recording studio of Dustin's bedroom.

All tracks were Produced, edited, mixed, and mastered by Laughing Animal except for "I know it's Cold" Recorded by Ceschi Ramos in New Haven CT.

all lyrics were written by Myles Bullen

guest vocals include:
Dustin Larochelle on "Hands"
Hannah Harleen on "I'm Beat, said the Heart"
Ceschi Ramos & Kevin Gallagher on "I know it's Cold"

This Album is a brief embodiment of laughter, insanity, depression, anxiety, frustration, love & gratitude ,being vulnerable, feeling rich & being honest. This is a collection of words and noises representing humility, human-ness, and creativity that is often awkward.

everything will be alright, enjoy the rest of life

if this album makes you feel weird, good :)


released September 23, 2015


Being Naked In A Covered Up World
Much of a Muchness
It's A Process
Follow Rhythm Wherever The Beat Goes
Do Stars Have Graveyards?
A Road With No U-Turn
I Know It's Cold
I'm Beat Said The Heart
What Is Wealth?



all rights reserved


Myles Bullen Portland, Maine

Spoken Word Performer. Teaching Artist. Play Expert.
Myles Bullen is a radical poetic rapper who touches on self empowerment, social issues, uplifting oppression, and creating community. He performs in Schools, Living Rooms, Juvenile Prisons, Rehabilitation Centers and Conscious Music Festivals. ... more

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Track Name: Lorelei

Circling the drain, on the way out
climbing into comfortable is dying out loud
centering selfishness while others are hovered around
a higher bliss achieved on a lower ground

silent sitting subconscious with palms on the earth
spirit surrounding me I don't see god in a church
flying words singing birds, living temporary nest
Iv'e dreamt what I could be but Iv'e never seen my best

unproductive unimpressed, pretty ugly beauty mess
recovering what beauty's left
good reminders do forget, so remind me once again
good reminders do forget, so remind me once again

remember the pattern because all the habits you have are just wanting to stay
busy collecting the waste thats taking up space that ought to be thrown away
keeping the sickness inside of your system, you know that it's rotting your brain
causing confusion, you were abused you keep on abusing, pointing a finger at others to blame

wondering why you're afraid of commitment
and tempted to never change
the life of shame you wish never existed
death to the difference between you and me we are both
a rough draft and a mental note
talking soft with a gentle tone

will only open up a clearer sense of home
conscious conversation makes the human glow
truth be known, when I listened to the world I heard
every note that she wrote; she told me:

invite the sunshine into your day
the plant foods to the plate
awareness to see the pain
stop hiding behind the stage

it's time to show up
give it my best & let go of blame
skin shedding snake
to rise from the foggy sleep
eyes open wide awake

circling the drain, living for now
giving up the things that are bringing me down
circling the drain, on the way out
talking to myself with no one around
Track Name: Being Naked In A Covered Up World(acappella)
Being Naked in a Covered up world feels awkward

So often I'm all in, all is flawless if god is
every person, place, and process
then odds are that we break even
even if the job's hard we can make it easy

we don't need a reason to keep believing
we find a reason to be needed
we break cycles so often that we start repeating the breaks
constantly bleeding for change

accepting the wide range of buried dreams
that could use a hand digging up
thank you for showing up & lending a hand
it means a lot, thank you Fam, for not giving up
& I'm glad that you understand

I began again, will it ever end?
naw, probably not, raw honey in the cup
hot fire in the gut burning up,
burn it up

spring mist and a wish list
cuddle close with a mystic
soft lips leave an imprint
listen to the loud music at the shindig

waking up early,
because the sun won't wait to rise & neither will I
being naked in a covered up world feels Awkward
crack ope the shell, feel softer

moving forward peacefully wording gratitude
juxtaposition to these crab apple attitudes
fluxing conditions adapting to what you have to do
set on a mission to set intentions, relax & cruz
Track Name: It's A Process
It’s A Process

Fixed attention to turn illness into illumination
No longer racing to my grave, facing death with patients
How can you be defined?
How do you move through life?
How do you see through your sight?
How do you think through your mind?

Make moves & move with the tides
Speak truth & lose all the lies
Put your guard down
You will then rise

Find your heart pound, don’t let your heart down
Let your chest open up, speak up, be here, be now, be loud
Tell the universe your intelligence is important to the whole inner world
Give love, it’s an intercourse
Loving yourself from the inner first

Now round together like a flock of birds
Sounding better than you’ve ever heard

Whatever it is that your searching for
Keep circling the surface find some people that you trust
Show affection, support what you need to see in this world
And work hard at being good at what you love

Coming to grips with letting go
Of a past of bad habits attached
Judgments are fractured
A manic about to spaz

I’m sick of constipated humans
People who don’t give a shit
I say accept all, even me for being a hypocrite
I’m working at none judgment, minding my own business
But still it’s a process, and you all are the witness

Psychedelic kaleidoscopic
Panoramic oval optics
Seeing all that all can offer
Being air and bearing water
Treading onwards

Visions opened altered options
Loneliness will leave the body
Mixed emotions heal the toxic
Alchemy is always awkward

Reach a point and the get across it

Most obligations are overrated
Most temptations are worth attempting
Too few cities grow food, they don’t grow food
Too few schools teach love, the don’t teach love

All the world sees the sun and the moon
But too few know the meaning of most that happens in every moment

It’s a process, still it’s a process
Still I’m unconscious
Still have empty pockets
Stillness is all I wanted and I got it
Track Name: Do Stars Have Graveyards(acappella)
Do stars have graveyards?

Participate in being a particle

I accept this inception

Aligning with vibrational creation
Rhythm is numbered in the timing
I learn to count my blessings
Circle a certain circumstance
Realize what I'm deciding
Defying gravity believing in astro-logic
A single celled seeing self

Split the atom feel separation
Disconnect from dwelling doubt

Re-adapt to what's cultivated
Dedicated full-time, with full power, in this beauti-full life

Remembering the source and the coarse of actions I guide

Anatomy- body of water, blood cells, muscle tissue, bone marrow, protective skin

Astrology- celestial observation, motions of burning stars rotating, the cosmos spin
A universe inside my body, a world of light I'm living in
Stars explode, bodies decay, leaving one way or another
Track Name: A Road With No U-Turn(acappella)
A Road With No U-Turn

Sometimes addiction is a road with no U-turn
Watching your friends die is the only way to learn
I get scared of losing faith in the human race
Or I'm an alien that hasn't found a home base

When my is full of fear everything scares me
When my mind is full of sadness everything's depressing
When my mind is full of anger everybody sucks
When my mind is full of wealth I'm worth a million bucks

It's time to put the train back in motion
Push forward toward a new beginning
Draining the poison, speak for the voiceless
Reach for the infinite, pick through the choices
Listen to my intuition, see it's importance

Sometimes I am
Scared of even being
Too loud, too soft
Whispering & screaming
Sometimes I am
Scared of even trying
The thought of failure
Is similar to dying

Sometimes I realize how great my life is
My fears disappear, I start living my dream
Sometimes I dream about crying in public
& not having enough time to spend with my dead friends

I wish I could help you find peace of mind
Or at least give you a piece of mine
Don't know where you’re going, just read the signs
Put trust in your surroundings, let me be your guide

I am beyond sight, behind the sun, in front of time
I destroy what's living and give life to the dying
I am invisible, your eyes will remember this form
I transform every instant therefor,

I am unseen for who I am & who I will be
Remembered forever, I do not exist
My name is not important, the message is the gift
Track Name: Hands
With hands I pray
Press fingers together and breathe through my palms
With hands I clap create loud snaps in the air
Syncopating rhythms encouraging other hands to chime in
With hands I press into the earth beneath me
Aligning body parts like letters squiggled down graffiti

With hands I open doorways that lead me to everywhere
With hands I hold hearts just long enough for them to melt between my fingertips
With hands I welcome in, I wave goodbye
I remember touching ice before walking across the lake
Touching my toes before I learned to walk
Walking on my feet to give my hands a break
Track Name: I Know It's Cold
I Know it's Cold
From the day I decided to do what I do everyday
Without a fuck to give under consent of the king
Turn my memories in melodies I can sing
Turn my friends who committed suicide
Into angels who just knew when to fly
I keep them in mind they're still alive
They're still around, I prey to the sun, look up at the sky
I crawl on the clouds
I sit & I sink in,
I lay on the ground

The divine winedy road I cross
Holding hands with open strangers
Bed of wood with hot cols to keep warm
Some of the people I’ve met & know best
Are closest to danger and no one can save them
It's cold outside I'll tell you that
The temperature though, I am not sure

I know it's cold, so bundle up

Dive deep into secrets, releasing a reason
For partial completion, proceeding to feed myself
Egoist higher hope

No recognition of conscious community
Losers are winning with lucrative living
These gimmicks are making the biggest decisions
They own all of the wood, burn all of the bridges
They're swallowing poison & call all women bitches
They don't have an inch of respect

Which has been leading me to believe frequently
That decency is needed within our community
Usually unity means that we are fluently
Moving together, progressively measuring
m.e.m's and molecules, being as honest as possible
Over come obstacles, digging for fossils and dinosaur bones
Hitch & hiking, I'm flying back home
Track Name: I'm Beat, Said The Heart
I'm beat, said the bass from the speaker
I'm beat said the rhythm from the drum
I'm beat, said the 9-5 worker
I'm beat, said the homeless in the street
I'm beat, said the victim beaten up by the police
I'm beat, said the hippy holding hands spreading peace
I'm beat, said the heart wide open
I’m beat, said the heart broken
I’m beat, said the heart
Track Name: What is Wealth?(acappella)
What is Wealth?

The wealth of experience,
Knowledge of abundance,
Pay me with intentions,
Presence is the most current currency,

Spend energy on family,
Trade stories, buy questions
Be willing to accept all answers
Purchase imagination, a penny for pretending

Donate the excess of compassion to charity
Fill the homeless pregnant woman's styrofoam cup
Full of encouraging words, a smile and a gentle hug
Teach children to grow gardens & dance with the plants

An allowance of balance
Accumulating communication
Based on needs,
Consideration and trust,

Some have had ambitions to financial infinity,
& in time became spiritually bankrupt
I feel rich, since my values switched
You won't even need money after this

Brilliance will be measured by simplicity
Compassion will be the way of making decisions efficiently
Finishing projects that were started
Art making proving progress to keep this mind on target

Pinpointing exactly where it is that you're going
Movement, shake the anxious out of every limb
Rotate reality having visions without limits
Knowing god without fictitious religions

This movement is a spirited replacement
Birthed from this beautiful earth embrace changes
Put forth the effort, A New Earth like Eckhart
The truth has been measured

Stretch the limits & open up to a new undiscovered
Tapped in way of living, listen
Isn't it exquisitely synchronistic how we came to be
Born into a family we formulated fantasies

We've stated that we have facts to prove
That magic actually happens to me & to you
& all of our friends

How are you feeling?
Well all that depends
Feeling grounded feeling focused again
When I meditate on Tao & Om out the zen
Standing on hands my feet blow in the wind

I can do yoga with no yoga mat on the bus
Travel trippin' gypsy got the wanderlust
Envision the dreamscape navigation
Breathe faith, burn sage, clear room

See through the ceiling it's a new moon
A new day, a new life, with new rules
Build something beautiful all these new tools
We need to build some new schools

Humanity based education
Hands for healing every patient
Suck up the poison, spit out the sickness
Be here to witness, change in the world

Dynamically shifting,
Lifting out of the skin that was once lived in
Build a body with fresh space to live with

Be present with existence
Go inward on a mission
& don't come back until you finish
Track Name: May

May we agree to be present with each other
Accepting ourselves as well as others
May I learn to attract open hearts
& discover where the opening starts

May I forgive all the ones who have wronged
for mistakes will be made all along
May where I'm weak become seen and made strong
I believe in the dream to heal us all

Every moment you are alive there are reasons to be grateful
Letting your fears die, remembering these faith tools
Exercise, meditation, affirmations be kind to strangers
Make them friends, eat more greens, play pretend, dance in the street, sing out loud, getting out of the house, jumping up in the air, sitting down on the ground, moving change, flexing thoughts, trust your judgment, be your boss, instruct yourself to love a lot, don't wait forever, be on the spot, be in the now, be the bright luminescence because you are the sun behind the clouds

May we agree to be present with each other
Accepting ourselves as well as others
May I learn to attract open hearts
& discover where the opening starts

May I forgive all the ones who have wronged
for mistakes will be made all along
May where I'm weak become seen and made strong
I believe in the dream to heal us all