Not Dead Yet

by Myles Bullen

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Death has always been a spiritual experience
these songs come from the place where the dead go
Deadicated to people I love who have made a cosmic transition

There is a magic to all of disappearing, with no need to fear it,
how a spirit leaving a body can, cause bodies to feel their spirit.

if you took the time, your precious time to read this,
I want to invite you to pause for a moment.
bring to mind one person who has helped you in your life
hold that person in your thoughts
close your eyes.
take a breath.
feel held


released July 28, 2018

Vocals & Lyrics on everything- Myles Bullen
Production & Sound Arrangements- Pauly Beat & Myles Bullen
Mastered by John Zebley

Guest Features:
Sofie- Vocals on “track 1”
Peter Herman- Guitar & Bass on “track 1& track 6”
Hannah Harleen- Vocals on “track 3, track 5 & track 6”
Shang-High- Vocals on “track 5 & track 6”
Ben Toppi- Vocals on “track 8”
Shane Reis- Vocals on “track 5”
J-Spin- additional vocals on “track 6”
Barry Miller- additional vocals on “track 8”

Cover Art: Myles Bullen
Mandala art: Lydia Goodbrick
Photo by Jackie Spencer:


all rights reserved



Myles Bullen Portland, Maine

Myles performs poetry/music at Schools, in Living Rooms, in Juvenile Prisons, in Rehabilitation Centers and at Music Festivals.


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Track Name: ThrowShade (feat. Shang-High, Hannah Harleen)
What do you want from me?
Questioning me constantly
Telling me to be confident
A perfect person/ that is far from me
How do you remain positive? Honestly!

Invisible intuition
Imprisoned without a vision
It's been missing
Somewhere lost in me

Sometimes I don't know who to listen to!

Take advice like a slice of cake
Don’t mistake it as your dinner food
I thought this was a new beginning
it’s a just an interlude

I’m disappointed and it's sick to view
That hate crimes are so high
So faith, love and sunshine/ I’m really missing you
Wrote you a poem hoping you would hear it soon

People try to throw shade on my sunshine
Throw shade on my sunshine
People try to throw shade on my sunshine
Throw shade on my sunshine

It’s pouring rain/ days darker than closed eyes

A lit flame who had little chance to survive

A few hands who wouldn’t let it that light die

If you were thinking about getting involved/ Now’s the right time

Shine about it/ Shine about it /Glow movement
Find that block on your path/ go through it
Clear direction/ No confusion
Mirror the best only reflect improvement
Don’t need a dream if your waking life’s lucid
It took me my whole life to get it/ now I got it
And I wont lose it/ naw naw I won’t lose it!

People trying throw shade on my sunshine
throw shade shade on my sunshine
Track Name: B O N E S
The safe keeper of organs,
The erect spine that keeps us upright.
Integrity lives in the foundation of this building-body.
The architect designs first the skeleton
The mind is an atlas, a skull containing universe
Artful Hands, Bards, Traveling Poets, Voices of Song,
Movers of Dance, Stretchers of Possibilities, are all collecting bones.
Sharing nakedness of truth, They hold power with their spells.
Sitting around fire, crafting premonitions through story.
The power of word.
This power belongs to new atmosphere,
One of uncensored, overflowing divinity,
Edgeless passion, limitless expression,
Boundless ocean, enriching connections.
An amalgamation of evolutionary ideas.
Socially conscious beings building bridges,
To undiscovered conversations.
Coming up with solutions for what to do
About the oppressing forces,
That keeps us,
From reaching each other.

The integrity of creation is inherently inward.
What is seen? The outer shell.
Only the top skin of a fruit,
The siding and roof of a home,
The pixels on a screen,
The surface of earth.
The magic that keeps everything together is underneath.
The energy keeping us thinking, speaking and moving forward.
When life leaves the body,
The skin, muscle, and organs,
Which are all temporary, soon decay.
What’s left in the ground is,
The bones

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